The world needs more thoughtful martial artists. As it happens, I think about martial arts compulsively, and I’d like to turn those thoughts into a conversation with people who are smarter than me. Counterpoint is meant to be place for thoughtful martial artists to read, write, and debate about martial arts concepts. It’s for martial artists who are looking for engaging, informed conversations. If you’re interested in joining (or starting) the conversation, please leave a comment, or see below if you’re interested in submitting your own article.

Counterpoint has no allegiance to any particular martial art, region, or family of arts. I try to present ideas which are useful for martial artists of all stripes, and I encourage cross-pollination of ideas. There are plenty of websites out there which cater to the practitioners of a single martial art, but I’m not interested in doing that. Counterpoint is about martial arts as a general concept.

For too many people, philosophy is the study of other people’s opinions. I take a different point of view. I believe that philosophy is about thinking clearly, examining your ideas critically so that you can express them with clarity and precision. Counterpoint is not a website where people can recite the ideas of dead philosophers. Counterpoint is a for martial artists to create philosophy through debate.

Exploring the intellectual side of martial arts.